Turned out nice again

Storm Ciara arrived today, and as I had a bit of shopping to do in town, I walked down with a camera.  We haven’t had the rain that Yorkshire seems to have had, but it was very windy, although the only place that was genuinely hard to stay upright was just in from the coast, where the street layout formed a wind tunnel.  On the beach it was tough to hold a camera steady, but this isn’t the biggest sea I’ve seen in Worthing.


Quantity over quality

The blog’s been a bit quiet of late, as I’ve been walking too far to carry my SLR.  Today I tried out a new camera, which is small enough to carry the 28 miles I covered today, but has a long enough lens  to make a decent effort at birds.  The result was OK, if not dazzling.  The light for the Snipe (which never perform like that when I have an SLR with me) was pretty poor, so there’s a fair bit of noise, but the sun had come out for the, fairly distant, Nuthatch.  It will do for a record shot, should I ever find a rare bird.