We had more signs of spring this weekend, with our first damsels and dragons on the brooks, while overhead a noisy Peregrine was bragging about its dinner.

A full day’s seawatch was disappointing, as usual this year, until late afternoon, after the wind had turned south east and Skuas started moving.  Eventually four Poms came past at close range, along with two Arctic Skuas (and another Arctic harried a Tern just offshore from us: superb).

Meanwhile in the garden, a family of Robins, with five young, are hopping around and our Pheasant is proving approachable.

Worthing 230509-001
Small Copper
Worthing 230509-002
Large Red Damselfly
Worthing 230509-003
Azure Damselfly
Worthing 230509-004
The local Peregrine likes junk food
Worthing 230509-005
Two Arctic Skuas leading four Pomarine Skuas
Worthing 230509-006
I love baby Robins. This is one of five