Raptor persecution

It’s got to stop!  I’m not on about the landowners, estate managers and gamekeepers who think that breaking the law is OK to improve their profits when it’s just as corrupt as bribery and other forms of malpractice that are taken more seriously by the courts.  That needs to stop too, but I’m on about persecution of me by raptors.

First there is the Hen Harrier that has spent the last two winters just over the Down from me, an area where walk often.  Everyone else has seen it, but have I?  Of course not.  Now it’s spreading: a long walk last week had none of the released White-tailed Eagles that have been seen by everyone.  A return visit yesterday as part of a 30 mile walk did have a Hen Harrier (not the bird), but, having sat for a while and watched the area, a White-tailed Eagle  drifted across literally 4 minutes after we turned our backs and left.  Thanks heavens it’s only a plastic bird.

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