Seabird fun

Our week in Harrogate seeing my mum in her lovely new flat was curtailed to a long weekend, but the bank holiday heatwave made it a very pleasant trip.  On Sunday, we managed to find the one place in Britain that was cold: the east coast had a thick sea mist and was decidedly nippy.  To make it worse, all of the rarities there the previous day seemed to have left overnight.

However, Bempton didn’t disappoint, with many Puffins and all the usual seabirds showing well, although the light made photography a bit harder then normal.  Flamborough was very quiet bird-wise, but a small ledge that seemed to be home to 8 Puffins was fun.  The lack of anything else meant that returned early via the scenic route over the Wolds.  The news of Bee-eaters over Bempton half an hour later wasn’t greeted with joy!

Yorkshire 210603-001
A Puffin close enough to see in the mist at Bempton Cliffs.
Yorkshire 210603-002
Kittiwake gathers nesting material
Yorkshire 210603-003
Yorkshire 210603-013
Yorkshire 210603-015
Yorkshire 210603-016
Yorkshire 210603-018
Bringing home a present...
Yorkshire 210603-019
... it's well received
Yorkshire 210603-020
Over at Thornwick Pools there's a Wood Sandpiper
Yorkshire 210603-022
At Flamborough there are yet more Puffins

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