Still hanging on

Two contrasting challenges over the last two days: yesterday photographing fast-moving, unpredictable, Sand Martins in good light, and today woodland birds in appalling overcast light in the Dales.

The Sand Martins proved two things: 1) take several hundred photos and you’ll get something decent by accident, 2) they’re easier to take when perched.

The woodland birds were tough, but the camera produced some decent high ISO shots, that aren’t too bad after a bit of tweaking.  The highlight was finding a Wood Warbler.  They’re getting so scarce in Yorkshire that I’d given up on seeing one, so having an hour being trilled at by one was a real treat.

Yorkshire 220605-001
Sand Martin
Yorkshire 220605-003
A female Pied Flycatcher in the gloom
Yorkshire 220605-004
Strid Woods, is there anywhere better in spring?
Yorkshire 220605-005
Yorkshire 220605-006
A male Pied Flycatcher
Yorkshire 220605-007
A Wood Warbler sings his heart out
Yorkshire 220605-010