Summer begins

Spring was an utter disaster moth-wise: cold, wet and wind meant that we hardly put the trap out and and on the few occasions we did it was practically empty .  June has started well, however, and numbers of moths have rocketed to the dizzy heights of average.  We have had good diversity, though, with a number of new moths for the garden.  Last night’s trap was excellent with three new moths, at least two of them migrants, and quite rare ones too: Beautiful Marbled and Portland Riband Wave, the other being a May Highflyer.

Here’s a few moths from recent traps and a couple of butterflies from our walks.

Moths 210611-007
Duke of Burgundy
Moths 210611-013
Small Blue
Moths 210611-005
Buff Tip
Moths 210611-006
Lime Hawkmoth
Moths 210611-015
Small Elephant Hawkmoth and Pine Hawkmoth
Moths 210611-008
Tawny-barred Angle, a new moth for the garden
Moths 210611-009
Pebble Hook-tip
Moths 210611-010
Oak Hook-tip
Moths 210611-011
Orange Footman, another new moth for the garden
Moths 210611-012
Puss Moth
Moths 210611-014
Scorched Carpet
Moths 210611-001
May Highflyer, another new moth
Moths 210611-002
Beautiful Marbled, new, and quite rare in the UK
Moths 210611-004
Portland Riband Wave, new and another rarity away from Dorset

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