The Least From The East

This week brought snow to Britain and Worthing was no exception.  In our back garden we had a drift up to half an inch deep.  Something of a let down, considering everywhere else seems to have had a proper fall,  but it has been just as cold here as in the rest of the country, and that brings birds to us.

There was a significant westward movement of Lapwing on Wednesday and some of them stayed: we had a flock of 44 today, along with a Golden Plover, which is only the second time we’ve had one at home.  A few Snipe and a brief views of an uncooperative Barn Owl brightened up a dull Friday afternoon, but our biggest surprise came on Saturday night when our efforts at spotlighting failed to find any waders, but found a couple of Badgers in the field behind us.

Apologies for the quality of the photos: it has been very dark.