The wages of sin…

… sloth to be exact.  I should have gone out looking for migrants this morning, but just couldn’t be bothered.  Sitting with a coffee, looking at the back field found me very few migrants (it all happened last week), but I saw a raptor being mobbed over the Downs.  A look through the scope confirmed that it was a Marsh Harrier, slowly moving west towards Cissbury.  A new bird for the house: number 125.

The on-foot list had three heard-only species on this morning.  Quail is probably going to stay that way, but I went out to the Monarch’s Way in the hope of seeing Yellow Wagtail to add to the heard flyby bird last week.  At least 16 were in a field around the feet of the cattle.  Migrants were down, but Findon gallops had 6 Whinchats and a Redstart.  Cissbury Ring was a bit windy, but on the way back I stumbled across a Grasshopper Warbler, the other heard-only bird, which showed well, but eluded the camera.

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