Tops and bottom

On Sunday we walked over the down tops to Steyning Rifle Range and then on to Anchor Bottom, down the Adur and back over Lancing Ring.  This was largely aimed at finding some butterflies – a Clouded Yellow on the way proved to be our only one, there were a couple of Brown Hairstreaks at Steyning, and Anchor Bottom had loads of Adonis Blues flying over a bank full of Autumn Lady’s Tresses.  While there, a White Stork flew over, heading south.  Down the river there were three Common Sandpipers and a couple of Greenshank, and at Lancing College we “relocated” the Stork on a playing field.  It was clearly ringed, so obviously one of Knepp’s.  The surprise came later in the evening when the rubbish pictures of the bird in flight showed no ring on it.


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