Welcome to my website.  It’s largely bird and wildlife photos, with other holiday snaps, but I occasionally do other things.

About Us

I’m a birdwatcher with a camera rather than a photographer.  Occasionally I get it right, but my photos are more to trigger memories of the incredible things Karen and I have seen and done.



What, no wildlife?

It’s been a while since I actually connected my small camera to the PC.  It seems I’ve taken a few half-decent landscapes and sunsets.

Happy New Year

There haven’t been any posts this year, mainly because I haven’t been taking many pictures.  There have been a lot of long walks, without a camera, which limits things.  Today we had a moderately long walk to Shoreham with a camera, seeing Purple Sandpiper and Kingfisher at the fort, Greenshank in the harbour and a …

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my readers (both of you). Here’s another shot of the shrike from yesterday in slightly better light.