Welcome to my website.  It’s largely bird and wildlife photos, with other holiday snaps, but I occasionally do other things.

About Us

I’m a birdwatcher with a camera rather than a photographer.  Occasionally I get it right, but my photos are more to trigger memories of the incredible things Karen and I have seen and done.



Up in the mountains

The day started with a trip into Tokyo to catch the shinkansen to Karuizawa.  It certainly puts our railways to shame in the UK.  At about 3000 feet altitude, there’s a little snow, but less than normal, but it is cold.  Not many birds, but some of them are superb.

Turning Japanese

A board full of cancellations at Heathrow didn’t provide the most optimistic of starts, but we left on time and arrived in Tokyo early.  Unable to get into our room for 7 hours we took a train into Tokyo and went birding around the Imperial Palace gardens.  We had a glorious day with a couple …