Welcome to my website.  It’s largely bird and wildlife photos, with other holiday snaps, but I occasionally do other things.

About Us

I’m a birdwatcher with a camera rather than a photographer.  Occasionally I get it right, but my photos are more to trigger memories of the incredible things Karen and I have seen and done.



Dodging the showers

A day of dodging showers, with the rain eventually winning in the afternoon.  That didn’t stop us from seeing some amazing stuff though, particularly the superb Collared Nightjar and a chance to sing along with the Indris.  Possibly the most amazing thing was the Leaf-tailed Gecko.

Prickly Heat

Here’s a couple more photos from the Spiny Forest of Ifaty, a weird and wonderful (and hot) place. Lots of superb birds and beasts, and an unexpected swimming lesson (when a former world record holder offers to improve your stroke you don’t refuse) has made it a real highlight of the trip. We’ve now moved …

Desert island birds

A big day for me yesterday, when we went to Nosy Ve, a sandy island off Tulear, in the hope of seeing some of my most wanted birds: Red-tailed Tropicbird, which breeds there and Crab Plover, which is there sometimes.  Bot are cracking birds and new families for me and both were there, along with …