Welcome to my website.  It’s largely bird and wildlife photos, with other holiday snaps, but I occasionally do other things.

About Us

I’m a birdwatcher with a camera rather than a photographer.  Occasionally I get it right, but my photos are more to trigger memories of the incredible things Karen and I have seen and done.




Spring is Sprung

Things are beginning to liven up, and it even stopped raining over Easter while we were in Yorkshire.  A trip up Swaledale and down Arkengarthdale was glorious, with Curlews singing everywhere, 3 Short-eared Owls, Snipe drumming and both Black and Red Grouse. Back down south, the Slow Worm numbers are increasing and we had our …

Spring begins

It has been soggy of late, and a few long walks have meant there hasn’t been much photography of late.  There are signs of life, though, a few butterflies are turning up, and the birds are getting noisier in the garden.  One bird is putting a bit too much effort, though: a Cetti’s Warbler, Europe’s …