Couldn’t hit a barn at this distance…

A 16 mile walk at speed on Friday meant that I wasn’t carrying my camera (or seeing any birds).  A lazy day on Saturday meant there were no photographs either, and a 21 mile walk to Shoreham and up the Adur and back over the Downs meant that I was carrying my small and not very impressive camera.  It was a glorious day and successful bird-wise (apart from the blasted Rock Pipit at Shoreham Fort), but all the birds were too far away, so there was no need for the camera.  Until we got to about a mile and a half from home, when our local Barn Owl turned up, sitting on a fence post ahead of us.  We hardly ever see this bird in daylight, and it wasn’t bothered by being seen, allowing us to sneak up on it a bit, and then flew to a closer post to check us out.  Eventually it decided to go hunting, but still allowed fantastic views.  What a shame this never happens when I have my good camera with me.  Ah well, the shots I got will have to do.

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