Darters and Osprey

It was all a bit distant at Farlington Marshes this afternoon, although the birds were good, with Pectoral Sandpiper, Peregrine chasing down a Grey Plover (just missed) and a distant perched Osprey.  Much nearer were the Common Darters in the pond this morning.

Bank Holiday Fun

A bank holiday: do we tidy up the garden or go birdwatching?  Well fortunately we can do both, because August Bank Holiday traditionally turns up migrants at home.  Today was no exception, with a couple of Spotted Flycatchers feeding from the wires over the field next to us.  We also had a Dark Bush Cricket that needed rescuing from the large amount of hedge trimmings.

Earlier on in the week a Latticed Heath added itself to the house list.  It’s not very heathy around here, so this was presumably a migrant.

Back to wildlife

Free of the athletics, we got a chance to see a bit of wildlife this weekend, starting with a trip to a friend’s in Worthing to see the Convolvulus Hawkmoth that she had.  (It would have been ours if it had flown a mile further north.)

A  juvenile cuckoo in midweek avoided the camera, so it was left to Volucella zonaria, a large hoverfly, mimicking a Hornet to provide a bit of garden interest.

Pagham Harbour today yielded a Cattle Egret, but not the hoped-for Spoonbill, although a Whimbrel did at least stay put for long enough.

Once more with feeling

Our last visit to the World Championships was the last for Usain Bolt and Mo Farah too.  If you had told us that Mo wouldn’t win and that Bolt would pull up after 10 m we’d have thought that it was going to be a massive disappointment.  Far from it.   The British silver in the women’s 4×100 relay picked us up immediately after Mo’s disappointment, and Bolt’s injury was missed in the excitement and jubilation of a British gold, so we had a fantastic night.  It’s a shame to see the greatest of them all go out so cruelly, though – a great champion and a great character.

London Larks

Another evening at the World Championships, near the women’s pole vault, which was excellent.  On Monday we went round the excellent Pink Floyd exhibition and then we actually found a new bird for the year.

Shots, fast women and getting hammered

It’s been quiet birdwise of late, but things have started moving a bit recently, so obviously we’re doing something else for the  next two weeks.  Our first visit to the World Athletics Championships was excellent (better than the photos).