Watch this space

A few hours in Amsterdam should give ample opportunity to put some pictures on the blog, but my battery’s flat, I didn’t bring a European adapter and I’m far too tight to buy one at these prices, so I’ll have to content myself with a shot of a moth taken on my phone. Panamá was brilliant, and there’s a stack of pictures to wade through.

Just another bird

We’re now in the excellent Canopy Camp in Darién and today was the main reason for coming to Panama.  Yes, Harpy Eagle is just another bird, but some birds are better than others.  This female on a nest is up there with the best.  Only one low-res picture, as the internet here isn’t as good as the birding.

What’s in the pipeline?

A morning on the Pipeline Road today started quietly but ended magnificently when the Black-faced Antthrush that I was whistling in turned into a Streak-chested Antpitta before our eyes (it’s twelve years since we were here and I had the calls confused).  The light in the forest is shocking, so the wonder is that there are any photos rather than their quality.

More Canopy capers

A few more pictures from the last few days…


Panama Canopy Tower

On our way to the Canopy Camp in Darien we have stopped off for a few days at the Canopy Tower to revisit old friends, both human and wildlife.  There’s not that many new birds here for us, but it’s still worth another look at some old ones.  This is a fairly random selection from this morning.

More updates may follow if I can stay awake long enough to post them (and if there’s any worthwhile internet at the camp).