Remarkably bad

Last night we went off looking for Nightjars.  Unfortunately the males on our favoured common have stopped displaying around us and have moved to more inaccessible locations, making it unrewarding, until a female came and sat in front of us for a minute in reasonable light (reasonable for observation that is).  The picture is bad, but remarkable that there’s a picture at all, at 2149.

A trip to the New Forest today was disappointing: only a brief view of a Goshawk and very few other raptors , and little else enlivened an otherwise pleasant walk.

SnH 220618-001
A Swallow on the down behind us
SnH 220618-002
Skylark. It's rude to sing with your mouth full.
SnH 220618-004
Female Nightjar
SnH 220618-006
It'll take your arm off - the Sundew is a carnivorous plant.
SnH 220618-005
Silver-studded Blue

Where’s Albert?

We had two more visits to  Bempton while we were in Yorkshire, but both times the Albatross decided to hide from us, leaving me nothing to do but take pictures of Auks.  Well, someone had to do it…

Yorkshire 220608-001
Yet another Puffin
Yorkshire 220608-002
An angry Kittiwake
Yorkshire 220608-003
Hello Kitty
Yorkshire 220608-005
Yorkshire 220608-007
Yorkshire 220608-008
Razorbill on final approach
Yorkshire 220608-016
Some Sand Eels were hurt in the making of this picture.

Still hanging on

Two contrasting challenges over the last two days: yesterday photographing fast-moving, unpredictable, Sand Martins in good light, and today woodland birds in appalling overcast light in the Dales.

The Sand Martins proved two things: 1) take several hundred photos and you’ll get something decent by accident, 2) they’re easier to take when perched.

The woodland birds were tough, but the camera produced some decent high ISO shots, that aren’t too bad after a bit of tweaking.  The highlight was finding a Wood Warbler.  They’re getting so scarce in Yorkshire that I’d given up on seeing one, so having an hour being trilled at by one was a real treat.

Yorkshire 220605-001
Sand Martin
Yorkshire 220605-003
A female Pied Flycatcher in the gloom
Yorkshire 220605-004
Strid Woods, is there anywhere better in spring?
Yorkshire 220605-005
Yorkshire 220605-006
A male Pied Flycatcher
Yorkshire 220605-007
A Wood Warbler sings his heart out
Yorkshire 220605-010


We’re up in Yorkshire for the jubilee holiday, and no visit to Yorkshire is complete without at least one visit to Bempton, particularly when there’s an Albatross.

Unfortunately, Albert didn’t cooperate very much, with only a brief show of circling more distantly than last year, before flying out and settling on the sea at a distance.  However, there was lots of opportunities to practice birds in flight…

Bempton 220603-001
In Sompting, the Little Owl was grumpy to be photographed.
Bempton 220603-002
Bempton 220603-003
Bempton 220603-004
A Puffin brings breakfast
Bempton 220603-007
Bempton 220603-011
Bempton 220603-022
Bempton 220603-017
Finally, Albert puts in an appearance.
Bempton 220603-019
This Skylark was too lazy to fly while singing.