Mellow Yellow

Weird weather yesterday, with it practically dark at three o’clock and the sky a deep yellow.  These panoramas haven’t been retouched that much: it really was that weird.


Wildlife photography is all about careful planning, spending a lot of time and technical expertise to take that brilliant picture.

However if the pursuit of excellence is too much, you can get a half decent picture first go by being dead jammy, as this Pipistrelle in the garden demonstrates


Here, Puss

Karen had a nice surprise this morning, almost tripping over this magnificent Puss Moth as she walked to work.

More moths

Another moth trap yielded very few moths, but those that we had were interesting, including a Bloxworth Snout, a new moth for the house and a rarity for Sussex.

Out and about

A morning at Selsey Bill and Pagham Harbour yielded a few birds, but nothing spectacular.  One interesting bird was a Reed Warbler going through its repertoire of British bird songs.  The clip below has Great Tit and Blackbird alarm call, but there were several other species being imitated as well.

Later on inland we had a walk in a bluebell wood and my first Orange Tips of the year