Panama photos finished

The wading through the photos is finally over (apart from the book).  I’ve gathered the pictures from the last few posts into a page here.   There is a link there to many more pictures on my OneDrive.

I need to start taking pictures in Sussex again.  Given the rubbish efforts I managed of a Pallas’s Warbler at Brooklands and my failure to get a camera on the Stonechat and the Common/Pallid Swift at home, I’m in need of improvement!

Once more with feeling

One last set of pictures from the Canopy Camp section of our Panama trip.  When the rest are done I’ll collect these into a trip and put more on my OneDrive.

More from Panama

Another bunch of pictures from Panama, this time from the Canopy Camp.

More Panama pictures

It’s been a week of ploughing through photos, and it’s not done yet, but here are a few more pictures from our time at the Canopy Tower.