Spring is springing

There was a distinctly spring feel in the air today, a glorious day with the birds singing.  It certainly raised the spirits.  The highlight was another encounter with the Cissbury Ring Dartford Warbler – this time it actually cooperated, a bit.

Yesterday a walk down to the sea found very little, but a horribly backlit Grebe on the sea slowly came closer and the light improved to show it to be a Red-necked Grebe, a new bird for the on-foot list, before it drifted west into the late afternoon sun.


Nothing doing

It’s all been a bit quiet of late, with a combination of lockdown and bad weather keeping me in (and hardly anything has been worth photographing when we have been out).  Here’s a Red Kite from a walk which did have a bit of sun, and a terrible picture of the Dartford Warbler (one of two?) on Cissbury Ring. It’s a really uncooperative bird as you can see.