We were only joking

This morning Karen and I were joking about the tiny patch of everlasting pea just down the road.  It’s a favourite plant of the Long-tailed Blue and we were wondering whether we would be able to see the “inevitable” Long-tailed Blue from the garden when it turned up.  On our way out for a walk this afternoon we checked the pea and unbelievably there was one there.  It hung around for a while, long enough for us to discover that when it flew you could indeed get it on the house list.  Later on, Karen also got a view of an utterly knackered Common Blue.  Two new butterflies for the house in a day!

At home there was a single Slow Worm and a beautiful and tiny Grass Snake under the roofing felt.

The Downs were a shadow of last week, with only one Spotted Flycatcher compared with over 20 last week.  The bird of the day, a brief view of a Goshawk eluded the camera, but a pair of kronking Ravens gave us a bit of entertainment.

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