A slow trickle

It’s been a strange spring migration, it seems to be tailing off a bit, but we’re well short of what there should be.  The constant strong and cold winds have slowed things down (and shut up those birds that have arrived).  Last year on 25th April I recorded 25 Reed Warblers on territories in the brooks behind us.  This year so far I have got up to 10 on 30th April.  Numbers may be poor, but diversity is good – my on foot list stands at 170, way ahead of this time last year, although I’ve seen all of the easy stuff now, so things will slow dramatically from now on.

Sussex 210507-001
The local Moorhens normally dash for cover as soon as they see me, but this one was too busy feeding.
Sussex 210507-002
Reed Bunting
Sussex 210507-003
Sussex 210507-004
Small Copper
Sussex 210507-005
Sussex 210507-006
Peregrines, the larger female is on the right