Dirty twitchers

Well lockdown’s over and we can travel a bit more, and fortunately the birds have been saving themselves for us.  On Thursday we had a big surprise when the long-staying Northern Mockingbird in Devon pitched up in Pulborough.  A quick dash out after work gave us good views and a few phonescoped photos that were way better than I expected (doesn’t make them good, though).

Unfortunately it didn’t hang around on Friday, although I still dashed over on Friday afternoon and added Pied Flycatcher and Redpoll to the on-foot list.  Today we toured the other Sussex rarities that have been hanging around during the lockdown, both a bit too far to walk to.  At Warnham the Little Bunting eventually turned up after a couple of hours waiting and over at Barcombe Cross the White-throated Sparrow played hide and seek with us, but gave reasonable views eventually.

Sussex 210411-001
Sussex 210411-002
Our earliest Slow Worm at home
Sussex 210411-003
Northern Mockingbird
Sussex 210411-005
Sussex 210411-006
Marsh Tit
Sussex 210411-008
Bank Vole
Sussex 210411-010
Little Bunting
Sussex 210411-012
Not rare, but still magnificent
Sussex 210411-013
White-throated Sparrow