Not going awry

Not much action from us over the bank holiday weekend, but we got the traditional passage of migrants through the field behind us, with Whinchat, many Spotted Flycatchers, a Pied Flycatcher (briefly) Whitethroats, Lesser Whitethroats, Willow Warblers, the occasional flyover Yellow Wagtail, as well as all three Hirundines, but strangely no Redstarts yet.  A Reed Warbler in the pond today was a pleasant surprise.

A bad shoulder limited my activity over last weekend, but we managed to get up to Cissbury and picked up not much, with the only notable on-foot birds outside my limited range.  A return to work on Monday changed everything with a Black Terns in Shoreham and a Wryneck at Cissbury while I was at work.  Grrrr!

Fortunately, the Wryneck was found again today and I was able to dash up after work.  The bird showed for about 10 s shortly after I arrived, but after that I just had glimpses of it: crazily elusive.  That 10 s were enough for a few pictures, though.

Sussex 220907-001
Sussex 220907-002
Common Darter enjoying the return of water to the pond
Sussex 220907-003
Spotted Flycatcher on the wires at the end of the garden
Sussex 220907-006
Dinner is served
Sussex 220907-009
A real bruiser of a Sparrowhawk
Sussex 220907-010
This young Great Spotted Woodpecker knows what to do with his nuts.
Sussex 220907-011
Lesser Whitethroat
Sussex 220907-012
Sussex 220907-015
Roe Deer