As the birding slows down, there’s always orchids to keep interest up.  The dodgy weather seems to have slowed things down, but there are now large numbers of orchids on the Downs.  Around the Cissbury Ring area there are a large number of Common Spotted Orchids, and nearer to home in Sompting there is a bank with over 1000 Pyramidal Orchids on (they’re not all out yet) and, better still, 50 Bee Orchids, the first we have seen there in the 26 years we have been down here.

Sussex 210620-001
Poplar Kitten
Sussex 210620-002
I thought these were rare: our second Beautiful Marbled in a week
Sussex 210620-004
Netted Pug
Sussex 210620-003
Poplar Hawk Moth
Sussex 210620-005
Privet Hawk Moth
Sussex 210620-006
Blue-tailed Damselflies
Sussex 210620-008
Common Spotted Orchid
Sussex 210620-011
Pyramidal Orchid
Sussex 210620-007
Bee Orchid
Sussex 210620-012
Grizzled Skipper