The Black-eyed G’s

A quick visit to Yorkshire last weekend saw us visiting Bempton.  To my eyes it looked like the number of Gannets was significantly down from last year, but there will be a census to confirm or deny that.  There are still loads there, though.  The effects of bird flu were in evidence though: black staining of the iris of Gannets’ eyes has been shown to be associated with recovery from bird flu.  A small proportion  of birds showed black or blackened eyes.  Whether that’s because the colony had low incidence of bird flu, or the mortality is such that relatively few birds recover, I haven’t a clue.  Here’s a sample of eyes.

230513 Gannet Eyes-011
This eye looks OK
230513 Gannet Eyes-012
Both eyes affected
230513 Gannet Eyes-013
Completely black
230513 Gannet Eyes-014
Just a small amount of discolouration
230513 Gannet Eyes-015
One eye looks fine
230513 Gannet Eyes-016
Two black eyes