Wadis and wheatears

Our trip to Oman has proven to be an exercise in sleep deprivation, with very early starts for travel to Oman and also hunting for the Omani Owl.

Yesterday had a boat trip to see some Sooty Falcons, fantastic birds, and a look around some cultivated fields that were rich in birds, particularly Bee-eaters and Rollers.

Today was a very early start to go into “Wadi Mac” hunting for the Omani Owl.  We had no luck with that, but did get Pallid Scops Owl and a good few other cracking birds that specialise in the habitat.  A stunning place to be half asleep.  This afternoon we drove into the mountains, ready for tonight’s visit to another wadi in search of the owl.

Sooty Falcon
Juvenile Sooty Falcon
Sooty Gull
Pied Wheatear
Plain Tiger
Indian Roller
Arabian Green Bee-eater
Arabian Babblers
Pallid Scops Owl
Wadi Mac
Breakfast in the field
Streaked Scrub Warbler
Red-tailed wheatear
Plain Leaf Warbler
The second Wadi looks good…
… but the security is very attentive.