Five reptiles of three species today, and not a leg in sight.  A Grass Snake and a couple of Slow Worms at home were followed by a walk up to Cissbury in the hope of some migrants and a chance of seeing our Adders again.  The migrants didn’t turn up (other than a Swallow late in the day), but the Adders did, with two (one of which we didn’t see last week).  One of them was chilled enough to allow a close approach and even a bit of gentle gardening to allow some decent pictures.  For some reason I decided against trying to move the stick that was lying on it.

Worthing 220409-011
A Little Egret seems to have taken up residence on the Brooks
Worthing 220409-012
Our first Green-veined White of the year
Worthing 220409-001
Cropping a bit closer
Worthing 220409-016
Corn Buntings are abundant in the Monarch's Way