Ssssstrictly Cissssbury

We had a quick dash up to Cissbury Ring yesterday, when Nick & Claire found a Ring Ouzel.  I arrived before Karen and had nice, but distant views for about 15 minutes: a stunning male.  Unfortunately it disappeared completely just as I was getting Karen onto it: she arrived literally 5 s too late.

Today we headed up there again, in the hope of finding it again and also looking for Adders, which are there, but I haven’t seen one anywhere in a couple of years.  We were unsuccessful, drawing a blank on the Ouzel and finding only a discarded Adder skin, until we got a call from Nick: they had refound the bird.  This time Karen got there in time and was able to admire it before it again vanished.  On the way back we went over to show them the skin, when Nick found a basking Adder, very smart.  After a sit and look for an Ouzel (no luck, but Karen found another Black Redstart) we went our separate ways.  Checking on the Adder location (in hope rather than expectation) we found two Adders dancing: only the second time we’ve ever seen it (and both times I’ve managed to get some pictures).  Not a bad day!

Worthing 220403-003
A March Grass Snake: our earliest ever at home.
Worthing 220403-011
And another... When the big one slithered away and dragged the small one backwards behind it, we realised we were interrupting something private.
Worthing 220403-002
Reed Bunting
Worthing 220403-004
The local Little Owls are back on show.
Worthing 220403-001
Shall we dance?
Worthing 220403-009
Sulking in defeat
Worthing 220403-010
Roe Deer