Spot the difference

Bird migration is moving slowly, but insects provided a bit of interest today.  The garden had bees, hoverflies and a Dark-edged Bee Fly, some Mining Bees nesting in the road gave us an ID challenge, and then, only a few hours after we discovered that there is another cute Bee Fly species in the area, we were surrounded by them.  Looking back, my last post had a picture of a Dotted Bee Fly as well, but we didn’t spot the difference, because we’d never heard of it.

230416 Insects-002
Common Carder Bumblebee
Tapered Dronefly
230416 Insects-001
Dark-edged Bee Fly
230416 Insects-006
Noon Fly, a new insect for us
230416 Insects-005
Dotted Bee Fly, showing a white stripe on its backside
230416 Insects-004
Dotted Bee Fly, a new insect for us
230416 Insects-003
Yellow-legged Mining Bee