The early bird

I dashed out for a pre-work walk around the Brooks this morning, in the hope of finding some migrants.  It was a bit quiet, with a few Reed Warblers in, but not the hoped for Grasshopper Warbler, which has ignored some good looking habitat for quite a few years now.  Setting out for a brisk walk back to get to my desk in reasonable time, it all went wrong: there was a Gropper yelling its head off where I’d been 20 minutes earlier.  Of course Karen wasn’t there, but she was able to dash over in a quarter of an hour while it was still noisy.  Eventually it showed, never unobscured, but the closest and loudest Gropper we’ve ever had.  I’ll admit it: I might have been a bit late to my desk.

230420 Gropper-001
Grasshopper Warbler